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XP On Signature Plans

Know the possibilities

See how simple it is to have a videoconferencing system that is always up to date. Solutions for any room size.

XPON Signature_Solucao 3.png
Room for 6 Participants
Poly Studio X50_edited.png

Poly Studio X30

Poly TC8_Controller_edited.png

Poly TC8 Touch Controller


Poly Studio X30

Easy to use, with support for installation above or below monitors.

Audio technology with an acoustic fence, eliminating unwanted noise, in addition to the noise blocking system.  Better image capture and tracking of people in the room.

Poly TC8 Touch Controller

Native for Zoom, with better experience and simplifying the control of meetings.

*24 installments with software update and warranty exchange services

BRL 1,699/month*

**24 installments

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